Embrace the Effects of Failure

One of the most difficult challenges we face in life is overcoming adversity. We set out with a goal, a dream, a plan in place, and during the pursuit, we’re stopped dead in our tracks by an obstacle or seemingly immovable force. We’re left with questions looming, circling thoughts invading our minds, and decisions to make. How could I ever overcome this? This isn’t what I wanted. I never asked for this. What do I do now?

This is the point most people give up. This is the point where feelings of depression and thoughts of inadequacy creep into our subconscious. If we let these questions and thoughts take over, it can send even the most emotionally healthy person spiraling. From budding relationships ending, to careers faltering, to families splitting, failure to contain and control those we care about most leaves us with nothing but a decision to make.
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Embrace the Effects of Failure, Enjoy the Fullness of Life
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