• August 25, 2019 at 1:50 am #896

    1. Eisha mentioned in her intro that if you don’t take care of something when it’s small it can come up in another form. Which sparked an awesome title, “Another Form”, I think will be a great theme for 2021’s Conference. Let me know what you think.

    2. Raise the LUX Conference Satisfaction Rate from 63% to 75% in 2019.

    3. Survey Question from 2019:
    – How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?
    – Overall, how would you rate the event?
    – Was the event length too long, too short or about right?
    – How likely are you to attend a similar event again in the future?
    – How helpful was the content presented at the event?

    4. Board will rethink questions (add, take away, and rewrite) Due before March 2020.

    5. Pass out printed survey to the attendees at the end of the conference with a chance to win a door prize to encourage participation.

    6. Start building relationships with the Black Chambers of Commerce, churches, mosque, community centers, vendor events, building relationships, schools, principles, parent resource center, foster care center, funeral homes, college (different struggles, left at college for the first time, learning to discover themselves – which can be very depressing, hidden raising suicide numbers), hospitals, and police. This will helps us with building brand and community awareness.

    7. Give Shay Bulls a packet for her principle. (an area with high poverty and high grief – make a custom packet with school’s name on it)

    8. Nicole compared “Being Aged Out” with being homeless. (Looking for ways to using that in our advertisement)

    9. James Price is our official blog writer. Starting out it will be one blog a month. This blog will be located on our website and

    10. We will use all the hashtags. #luxup, #luxe3, #belux, #luxgen, #needlux, #explorelux, #believelux, #yourlux, and ( #theluxc is our official conference hashtag) Hashtags are primarily Twitter and Instagram.

    11. Video ideas: #seethelight
    – People standing in the center starting with a dark background that gets lighter as they testify.
    – Person in a dark room, then there is a knocking at the door, and as they approach the door the room gets lighter and
    when they open the door then it’s us.
    – Grief can follow us from childhood.
    – The “Watch What You Say Campaign” focused on promoting awareness of how you talk to people in dark places.

    12. Arts ideas: 15 minute opening set. Black Box Theatre. Raw emotion in the air from the acting and the soundtrack. Focus on the entity of grief and what makes it grow. No more than 30 people per experience.

    September 2, 2019 at 10:31 pm #1036

    Exom will take a look at the black chambers of commerce. Does anybody know who I can talk to about that?

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